Chefs in Schools Launches COVID-19 Campaign

The charity Chefs in Schools is extending its remit to help ensure no child goes hungry during the COVID-19 crisis.

Dozens of chefs and kitchen staff have stepped forward to cook for school children during the coronavirus crisis in an initiative led by Chefs In Schools co-founder Nicole Pisani.

Together with The Felix Project and Magic Breakfast, a network of schools and volunteers, the charity is helping to provide Free School Meals to eligible pupils who are now at home.

Through the Lunch Box Scheme, they are working with schools to send out enough food for five days of lunches and breakfasts, including fruit and vegetables, freshly made sauces and meals, cereals and store cupboards essentials. Volunteer chefs are working alongside school staff to cook and pack the food.

The charity is also helping schools feed the children of key workers.

Donations to support this work can be made here.