Cook-19 Sends Care Packages to the Frontline

Cook-19 is a volunteer-led not-for-profit project which ensures no London NHS worker goes without during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Since having her work cancelled, founder Lulu Dillon started making home-cooked meals for NHS workers for free. Initially, she paid for the ingredients herself, but gradually she began to receive donations which allowed her to keep cooking and assembling care packages for NHS workers who are sick or in self-isolation.

Lulu was soon joined by her neighbour and chef, Angela Hartnett. Separately in their homes, the duo prepared fresh, nutritious restaurant-quality dishes to be sent along with care packages, including toilet rolls, pasta, rice and shampoo.

Thanks to the generosity of Smart Hospitality, which donated its outside catering premises, Cook-19 has relocated to South Bermondsey. Working from here and Hartnett’s Café Murano, teams of volunteer professional chefs, packers and drivers are assembling care packages to send out to frontline NHS workers.

To date they have sent over 35,000 meals and counting.

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